Thursday, September 27, 2012

Well I decided I probably should do an update since I haven't done one in a while. Jarom and Heather are doing well in school. They are making lots of friends and I haven't even had to pay anyone to be their friend. Jarom is on the schools soccer team. His first game was in Hamburg, Germany. He was excited to ride for the first time on a double decker bus. His soccer team is a young soccer team that has lots of room for improvement so we will not mention the score. He stayed over night at a hosts home in Germany and had a good time.
Heather has started violin lessons. We were referred to a lady that lives a couple houses from us. She is from Ukraine where she played the viola in the Philharmonic orchestra. She does speak English but sometimes she doesn't know the word she is trying to use and asks Heather in Danish but all she gets is the deer in the headlight look.
We are enjoying working with the missionaries. Our life stays busy with Zone Conferences, Zone Councils and missionary work. Oh, and don't let me forget the wonderful opportunity we get to speak in church. A few wards have asked our whole family to speak. Jarom and Heather do a wonderful job. The members are amazed when they hear the messages that they have prepared. They give much better talks then I do. My hope it that they will ask Jarom and Heather to speak with Shawn instead of me.
Shawn travels to Iceland the last weekend of every month where he has 3 days of non-stop action. He meets with the missionaries, does a fireside, interviews members and takes care of the branches needs. By the time he returns home he is ready for a few hours of sleep.
Life as a Mission Presidents family never has dull moment from finding out someone has committed to baptism or getting a call because an elder has cut his leg open and needs to go to the emergency room. Excitement, got to love it!
Sjaelland Zone Conference