Tuesday, June 24, 2014

May 2014

Mission Leadership Council

Yellow  Canola Fields of Denmark

Specialized Training - The Missionaries that arrived in May 2013

Church in Herning

Laurel and Jay Arnoldus visit Denmark

Specialized training - 1 month meeting

Christian's Baptism
North Sjælland zone training

Jarom receiving his Danish traditional graduation cap after finishing exams

Elder Sederholm's zone

April 2014

 Domkirke in Roskilde

Mission Leadership Council

Arrival of Sister and Elder Throne

One month specialized training

Elder (James) Whitlock and family visit

Departure of Elder and Sister Hansen

Departure of Sister and Elder Garriott

Departure of Sister and Elder Ivie

Departure of Elder Elsbury and Elder Christensen

Arrival of Elder Snider

A group of missionaries after Copenhagen Stake Conference

Elder Sederholm and Elder Durgin
Elder Sederholm with President and Sister Weaver
Jarom goes back to Arkansas for Prom
Jared graduates from BYU

March 2014

Departure of Elder Francis
Mission leadership council
North and West Sjælland Zone Conference
North and South Zone Conference
Departure of Elder Whitlock, Elder Pitts, Sister Hayes and Elder Wible
Arrival of Elder Reimschussel, Sister Wright and Elder Lester
Iceland Zone Conference
Senior Missionary Conference
Elder Johnson and Elder Sederholm