Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Escorts for the US ambassador

It was a wonderful General Conference weekend. Hearing the announcement about the change in missionaries age makes us excited to get more great missionaries.
On Monday the 8th we had a dinner for Elder Tolman and his parents as he finished his mission. The very next day we had another dinner for Brother and Sister Olsen as they prepared to return home to their family after completing their mission. It is always mixed feelings as we see missionaries leave the mission. We are sad to see them leave but happy for them that they are returning home after completing their mission.
On October 12th Shawn and I were asked to be escorts for the US ambassador at one of our ward buildings for a cultural night. Her name is Laurie Fulton, she has been here in Denmark for about 4 years. She was very nice and she has Danish ancestors so we enjoyed hearing about them. She will be returning back to the states in January to her family and job. She has a sister that is a member of the church so she knows a little about it. It was a nice evening.