Friday, August 1, 2014

July 2014

July Mission Leadership Council

Dinner with Klaudia and kids with Sister Hadley and Sister Barrett

Senior Missionaries visit Rebild

Dinner at a Kro
Gammel Estrup

Specialized Training

Departing Missionaries

Elder Hansen, Elder Hinrichs, Sister Tew, Sister Bishop
Arriving Missionaries
Sister Woster

Elder Higby
Elder Pike

Elder Nielsen

Elder Vance

Elder Saunders
Sister Møholt

Our visit to the Island of Bornholm

Saying Good-bye to Elder & Sister Køster on Bornholm

Welcoming Elder & Sister Middlemas to Bornholm

Missionaries on Bornholm
Welcoming Elder & Sister Blackham

Jarom's first time through the temple

Jacob's 21st Birthday
Specialized Training

The Statue of Liberty made out of Legos

Where the North and Baltic Seas Meet - Grenen, Denmark

Heather's 16th Birthday