Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Alright I have not done a very good job of keeping this blog updated. I'll catch up on what has happened since our last post.
Jarom traveled to Amsterdam, on the 7th, to play in the playoffs for his soccer team. His team did well, they took 4th place. I got a message from him on the 10th that said, "Hey mom, its Jarom. I'm fine but they had to call an ambulance to look at me cause they thought I might have a concussion. If you want you can call one of my coaches they said that would be fine." Of course I immediately picked up the phone and called his coach. I guess he was going for a ball and so was a kid from the other team. The ball was quite high, the other kid lifted his leg up high and kicked it right in Jarom's face. His nose started to bleed, the coach pulled him out and noticed that his eyes looked funny. The expression his coach used was, "his eyes were swimming." They called first aid who called the ambulance and they came to check him out. Everything ended up being alright, other then Jarom had a head ache for a couple of days. I guess he really does have a hard head, we thought so.
On November 9 Elder Olsen, from Sweden, traveled to here to attended the Zone Leader Council. It was nice to have him in our home for the meeting and lunch, we had a nice visit with him. At this Zone council half the people that attended were there for the first time. With missionaries going home and transfers, it changes things a bit.
On November 10, two couples arrived, Elder and Sister Ivie and Elder and Sister Garriott. We went to the airport to welcome them here and then had lunch with them. It's always nice to have more missionaries arrive.
On the 15th, Shawn and I traveled to Århus for a Jylland zone activity. The missionaries had a Turkey Bowl, talent show and a nice Thanksgiving Dinner. It was fun to see their different personality as they participated in the talent show. The next day we attended a Zone training in Århus also.
On the 17th we attended a baptism for Ann Jacobsen. She has been an investigator on and off for about 30 years. It was great to see her get baptized and see the great change in her life.
For Thanksgiving we were invited to Travis and Lindsey Sivey's. He works for the US embassy here in Copenhagen. There were 5 families that had dinner together. We had a nice time visiting and of course eating.
On the 23rd, the Sjælland Zone had their zone activity. They also had a turkey bowl, talent show and dinner. We are very thankful that there were no injuries at either turkey bowl only some very sore bodies the next day. The mission couples fixed the dinners for both zones and did a wonderful job. Some of the food that we are use to eating on Thanksgiving is a little hard to find here, they seemed to be able to find everything they needed. After eating 3 fabulous Thanksgiving dinners we are having to adjust our belts a little bit bigger and I can be thankful for elastic.
What a wonderful month we have had, we have a lot to be thankful for. We are now looking forward to the opportunity to celebrate the birth of our Savior; and to help us celebrate our children will be here. Yay!!!

Jylland Zone training
Ann Jakobsen's Baptism

Shælland Zone Turkey Bowl

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

October 23-November 6

Okay, where do I start. This last couple of weeks have been crazy busy. On the 23rd of October we received 11 new missionaries to the mission. We were very glad to get them here. We found out on the Thursday before they got here that their visas had finally been approved. It takes about 4 months after the missionaries have had their fingerprints done to receive their visas to come to Denmark. We were excited to see that all 11 would be here as scheduled. 3 of the Elders will be serving in Iceland for their whole mission. They arrived in Denmark about 9:30 a.m., were brought to the mission office for some paperwork and interviews and had their 1st opportunity to go contacting. That evening they came to the mission home for dinner and a good nights sleep. The next day they found out who their companions were and were off to their new areas except for the Iceland Elders who had to wait until Thursday to go to Iceland.
On Wednesday we had a dinner at the mission home for the 6 missionaries in Denmark that were on their way home, one senior couple, the Bowlers, 1 sister, Sister Johnson, and 3 Elders, Elders Bailey, Veach and Sandstrom.
On Thursday Shawn flew to Iceland with 3 new missionaries to replace the Elders going home. On Saturday he took the 3 missionaries that had completed their mission in Iceland to the airport to return home. He returned home on Monday the 29th about noon and then about 4:00pm, he was off to the airport to pick up a senior couple, the Hansen's, that had arrived. He brought them to the mission home where we had a dinner prepared for them.
On Tuesday Shawn and I flew to Madrid Spain to a mission presidents seminar for the Europe missions. There were 30 mission presidents and wives, the Area Presidency and wives in attendance. What a wonderful conference! We left Jarom and Heather at home to fend for themselves. In the mornings they would ride their bikes to the train station to get school. There was only one accident, Heather hit the curb with her bike causing her to tip over, scrap her leg up and have the chain of her bike come off. Jarom was kind enough to help her fix her chain so she could ride her bike home. It's nice to see that they are willing to take care of each other. After a couple of days of being alone, Elder Bailey, one of the elders that was on his way home, and his parents stayed a couple of nights at the mission home with them.
Friday night we returned from Spain and attended Stake conference on Saturday where Shawn spoke to the bishops in leadership meeting and Shawn and I both spoke in the Sunday session. And by the way I'm still not a fan of speaking in church.
On Monday we had parent teacher conferences where we talked to Jarom and Heather's teachers, it was great to hear that they are doing well in school. On Tuesday we had more parent teachers conferences and Shawn made another trip to the airport to pick up a senior couple, the Johansen's, that will be serving here in Denmark. That evening we had a dinner at the mission home for 4 of the senior couples to welcome the new comers. So in the last couple of weeks we have hardly had time to breath. Shawn has made about 9 trips to the airport, 23 beds have been changed and bedding washed, and 5 dinners for different groups have been fixed. Isn't there a saying that says something like "no rest for the wicked." Haha! We love being with the wonderful missionaries here in the Denmark Copenhagen mission. They are the best!
Mission Presidents standing in front of. Peter holding the keys
Europe Area Presidency, Mission Presidents and wives.
3 Iceland Elders completed their missions
6 Denmark Missionaries completed their missions.
11 new missionaries ready to serve.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Escorts for the US ambassador

It was a wonderful General Conference weekend. Hearing the announcement about the change in missionaries age makes us excited to get more great missionaries.
On Monday the 8th we had a dinner for Elder Tolman and his parents as he finished his mission. The very next day we had another dinner for Brother and Sister Olsen as they prepared to return home to their family after completing their mission. It is always mixed feelings as we see missionaries leave the mission. We are sad to see them leave but happy for them that they are returning home after completing their mission.
On October 12th Shawn and I were asked to be escorts for the US ambassador at one of our ward buildings for a cultural night. Her name is Laurie Fulton, she has been here in Denmark for about 4 years. She was very nice and she has Danish ancestors so we enjoyed hearing about them. She will be returning back to the states in January to her family and job. She has a sister that is a member of the church so she knows a little about it. It was a nice evening.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Well I decided I probably should do an update since I haven't done one in a while. Jarom and Heather are doing well in school. They are making lots of friends and I haven't even had to pay anyone to be their friend. Jarom is on the schools soccer team. His first game was in Hamburg, Germany. He was excited to ride for the first time on a double decker bus. His soccer team is a young soccer team that has lots of room for improvement so we will not mention the score. He stayed over night at a hosts home in Germany and had a good time.
Heather has started violin lessons. We were referred to a lady that lives a couple houses from us. She is from Ukraine where she played the viola in the Philharmonic orchestra. She does speak English but sometimes she doesn't know the word she is trying to use and asks Heather in Danish but all she gets is the deer in the headlight look.
We are enjoying working with the missionaries. Our life stays busy with Zone Conferences, Zone Councils and missionary work. Oh, and don't let me forget the wonderful opportunity we get to speak in church. A few wards have asked our whole family to speak. Jarom and Heather do a wonderful job. The members are amazed when they hear the messages that they have prepared. They give much better talks then I do. My hope it that they will ask Jarom and Heather to speak with Shawn instead of me.
Shawn travels to Iceland the last weekend of every month where he has 3 days of non-stop action. He meets with the missionaries, does a fireside, interviews members and takes care of the branches needs. By the time he returns home he is ready for a few hours of sleep.
Life as a Mission Presidents family never has dull moment from finding out someone has committed to baptism or getting a call because an elder has cut his leg open and needs to go to the emergency room. Excitement, got to love it!
Sjaelland Zone Conference

Sunday, August 26, 2012

August 13-27

These last 2 weeks have been really busy. Hilary left for BYU on Monday the 13th. She helped out so much and it was great having her here for the first month. We are sure going to miss her. Now I have a confession about the blog. Yes, I am the one who has been writing about the experiences we are having here but once I had finished I would hand it off to Hilary and she would make it just a bit more lively. So now the true test comes to see if I can make my writing interesting. I may have to call on Jarom and Heather to help.
Jarom and Heather started school on Wednesday the 15th. Getting them to school was a new experience. We live about a 20 minutes by car from their school without a lot of traffic. We left for school 45 minutes before it started, we hit rush hour traffic on the out skirts of Copenhagen and then within the city there were, as Jarom calls it, flocks and flocks of bikes. We finally arrived at their school 5 minutes before it started and could not make a right turn into their school because of so many people riding bikes. After sitting through the light changing from green to red 3 times, Jarom and Heather finally decided they better jump out of the car and make a mad dash to school. It is different driving here, you cannot make right turns on a red light and bikes have the right of way. We decided after a few days of driving to school that the train was a better form of transportation. It gets them there faster and we don't have to worry about hitting a biker.
On Sunday the 19th, we left the house at 7:30am to attend church in Odense. Shawn and I were asked to speak in both wards they have there and Jarom and Heather spoke in 1 of the meetings. I think the Danish members are going to get tired of hearing from me and the kids and just ask Shawn to speak. At least that is what we are hoping for. After the second meeting we hurried back to Copenhagen for a fireside where we listened to Elder Groberg speak. Such a busy Sunday! Shawn and I retuned around 9:30pm ready to go to sleep.
On Tuesday, the 22nd, we had our first group of missionaries arrive from the MTC; Elders Nordfelt, Lindstrom, Strong and Vandenberghe. After a very long flight they were really tired but excited to be in Denmark. The Assistants, Elder Bailey and Elder Pierson, took them out to do some street contacting and sightseeing. Church of My Lady and Frederiksborg Castle were two of the places they got to see. After that they came back to the mission home where I fixed them dinner and we had a testimony meeting and then they were more than ready for bed.
On Wednesday the new elders met their new companions and were off to their new areas. Three Elders, Elder Feil, Elder McCleary and Elder KLC, completed their missions, had their departing interviews and departed for the mission home for dinner and testimony meeting. We enjoyed having new Elders and Elders returning home in our home on two different nights. What a special spirit they bring.
On Thursday, we took two of the departing Elders to the airport to return back to their homes. Elder McCleary's parents came to pick him up at the mission office. I even shed a few tears to see parents and son reunite, it brought back lots of memories.
On Friday Shawn left for Iceland for his monthly visit. He hardly had time to breath, he went from the airport to interviews to zone conference to more interviews to church to fireside back to airport. Wow! What a weekend. He had a wonderful time but was spiritually and physically drained. This next week looks to be not so busy but only time will tell.
Hilary on her way back to BYU.
4 new Elders
3 Elders on their way home.
The new Elders and their companions in front of the Temple.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Week of Aug. 5th

This week was full of new opportunities, new experiences and new . . . . Royal titles? That's right, this week Shawn and I were dubbed a King and Queen; or else we would have been if we were living in the time before the world wars. Either that or we would have been servants and I prefer to look at the glass half full. On Friday and Saturday we were in Frankfurt, Germany for a new mission presidents training. We stayed in a beautiful hotel that at one time was a palace for the royal family. They spoiled us with all the food and accommodations; so even if we really weren't dubbed as King and Queen we sure were pampered as if we were. It was fun to see some of the mission presidents and their wives that we got to know in the MTC. It was sure nice having Hilary here so Jarom and Heather were able to stay at home with her. Returning home was a little bit scary because teenagers home alone never results in anything good, but we were pleasantly surprised to return home to nothing broken.
On Tuesday Shawn and I traveled to Århus for a zone training meeting and to another one on Thursday in Copenhagen. It was good to see all the missionaries again and see how excited they are to see each other.
On Friday we took Jarom and Heather to an open house at their new school. Well, new might be too strong of a word, more like used school. It is a school you would find in a used school lot rather than at a dealership where only new schools are sold. You can tell the building used to be an old office building. But once you get on the inside it is actually quite nice. At this new student orientation that they attended they both were able to meet some students and take a tour of the school.
On Sunday we attended Stake Conference in Herning for the Århus stake. Elder Craig Wright an area seventy from England was there, and he did an excellent job speaking. Shawn and I were asked to speak also. With an interpreter my talks only need to be half as long as normal talks but I still am not very fond of speaking. I did bear my testimony in Danish for the first time and I hope someone was able to understand me. Shawn did his in Danish and did wonderful as usual. After conference, Shawn was able to reacquaint himself with many members of the church from thirty years ago. It was a delight for him to see them again. Many of the children are now grown with their own families and serving in bishoprics and leadership positions. What a blessing it was to be among the valiant saints in Denmark. They are firm in their faith and love the Lord. How blessed we are to have the good news of the gospel in our lives and share that wonderful message with all who will receive it. We miss and love you all, yet know in our hearts that we have been called of God at this time to do His work. Yes we are inadequate for the task, but in the strength of the Lord all things are possible, even for us.
Thanks for your love and support and especially thank you for your prayers.
The are needed and greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Week of July 30

On Monday we had a dinner for Elder and Sister Jensen at the mission home. It could have been seen as their last super here on the mission; just to give you a visual. We had 3 other senior couples there to help us honor them before they left to head home. It was a wonderful evening, we enjoyed getting to know all the couples better.
On Tuesday afternoon, we went to the senior couples apartments so Shawn could interview them and check to make sure their pond side apartments are up to par. Each couple made a part of dinner for us so when we combined all the offerings we were able to partake of quite a wonderful feast.
On Wednesday we traveled to Børnholm, an island south of Sweden. This is the island where our ancestors joined the church before moving to America. Brother Franz Bøving took us around the island showing us where our ancestors' family farm was located. He showed us the well that our ancestors hid the missionaries in when the mob was trying to kill them. It was such a cool experience to not only hear of these stories, but actually see where all this happened. We traveled back home on Thursday.
On Friday one of our missionaries had to return to his home for medical reasons. It is hard to send a missionary home before completing his mission. We hope that he is able to get the medical attention he needs so that he can return and complete his mission. After a trip to the airport we had a zone leader council at the mission home. It is always nice to have missionaries in our home; for their company and because when they are here we just have that many more repair men to fix anything that needs fixing. This trip they fixed the basketball hoop that had fallen face down and bent the hoop.
On Saturday we went as a family to Tivoli gardens, an amusement park here in Copenhagen. This theme park is where Walt Disney got his ideas to make his theme parks. It was a beautiful day for activities and perfect for family fun. When we first walked into the park there was something off about it, but we could not quite put our finger on it. The kids road on one ride on which they participated in their ritual of screaming like havoc routine and light was quickly shed on our curiosity from before. What made this park so different from what we were used to was that no one screamed. As soon as the ride was over, Shawn and I quickly walked away before our kids could claim us as their parents. Later we told them it was because we wanted to see more of the park, but that was only part of our reason. After being spun in circles enough times to confuse their simple directions as up and down, and flipped upside down so much that heather began to resemble Pippy Longstockings, the kids decided they had had enough so we returned home.
On Sunday we had a fireside at the mission home for investigators, new members, less actives and missionaries. We had a wonderful evening with around 35 in attendance.
Wow! What a wonderful week; quite busy, but great none the less. After all those meals made, cookies baked, and juices concocted I decided it was time for a vacation. . . Hm maybe in three years ;) I'm just kidding we love being here with these wonderful missionaries and being able to serve the amazing countries of Denmark and Iceland.
Standing in front of well where the missionaries hid from mob
A day at Tivoli!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Week of July 22nd

On Monday Shawn and I we're invited to attend the opening session of a YSA conference for the Nordic countries called "Festinord". Each year it is held in different locations in northern Europe and this year Copenhagen had the privilege of holding it just 15 minutes from our house. Hilary and Joel, a friend of hers from Brick Oven, were lucky enough to be participants of this conference all week long. Brad Wilcox a professor at BYU, Tomas Koford who portrayed Jesus Christ in the movie "The Testament", Brother Mathew Richardson from the Sunday School General Presidency and Elder Olsen an Area Seventy from Sweden were all in attendance. Brad Wilcox was the perfect person to open the conference. He spoke about dating and had everyone rolling in laughter.
On Friday, we celebrated Heather's 14th birthday. I can't believe our children are getting so old. Pretty soon they are going to catch Shawn in age because we all know I stopped aging after 21. As a special birthday present we took Heather to the temple to do baptism with her brother. The temple is beautiful. While we were there a temple worker explained the paintings that are located in the baptistery. One of the paintings has some prominent people from Denmark depicted in it. After the temple we returned home for birthday cake and got more of a surprise than was expected. Elder Bailey and Elder Pierson (assistants to the president) showed up to bring Heather a little gift for her birthday and joined us for cake and ice cream. It is wonderful to have such good missionaries that our children consider good friends.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Week of July 15th

This last week has been a busy one for Shawn. He has had the opportunity to travel back around Denmark to interview missionaries and get to know them better; their cleaning habits and all.
Christmas came early for us this year because Santa, although not in a sleigh, but in a moving truck, brought us our shipment we sent out months ago. This contained books, pictures, games, movies, clothes, etc. It's a good thing too because although Jarom didn't mind wearing the same clothes multiple days in a row, I think we were beginning to scare the neighbors.
Last Saturday, for Shawn's pday we went to down town Copenhagen. While we were down there we found a street known as the walking street. We know for a fact that cars are not allowed on this street because Hilary decided to try and drive on it and boy did she get some strange looks from many people. I think this is the first time I have ever seen Jarom hide his face in embarrassment. We decided it would be smarter to park like a normal citizen and walk along the street. This street turned out to be longer than a mile of endless shops on either side of you. And just like in the movies there are singers, guitarists, dancers, magicians, and performers of every kind on each block trying to make their living from the tips of shoppers. Now we are surrounded in this Danish culture and when Shawn and I ask the kids where they want to eat they looked around and all quickly agree on Burger King; yes those are my wonderful uncultured children. I will admit though, it was nice to have an old fashion fat filled burger. You don't see many burger places in this organic environment; something about fast food being unhealthy, I don't know.
A couple days later we had the opportunity to have Elder Bailey and Elder Pierson in our home to teach an investigator. The investigator has a brother that is a member in Holland, which is how he had heard about the church. He had lots of questions about things that we don't really think about; basic questions like, What is prayer? Who are the Jews? Why did they crucify Jesus? Shawn was gone, but Jarom was able to participate in the discussion. It was a good experience for everyone involved.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Iceland Trip

On Friday we traveled to Iceland to meet the missionaries and to have our third zone conference as a family. We arrived on Friday evening and had dinner with 1 of the senior couples, the Paulsens; what a super couple they are. After dinner we had the opportunity to meet 4 of the Elders and Shawn had missionary interviews with them. On Saturday we attended zone conference where we met 2 more Elders and another senior couple. What a special group of missionaries they are in Iceland.
On Sunday we attended church, at which our family was asked to be the sacrament meeting speakers. We eagerly, some of us more eager than others, accepted and all prepared talks that made Shawn and I proud. Due to the surprising fact that none of us speak Icelandic we had to have interpreters for each talk. After church the branch had a meet and mingle where we had the opportunity to meet and visit with the members. It is amazing how strong in the gospel such a small group of people can be.
On Monday we had our 1st preparation day. We went on a tour of Iceland called the golden circle. Our first stop was where the US and Iceland techtonic plates meet; we could see the prime minister of Iceland's house from there. An hour later our tour bus pulled up to the Golden Waterfall Gullfoss; it was beautiful. There were 2 waterfalls one right after the other. I guess you could say it is comparable to Niagara Falls. After seeing the waterfall we went to Geysir Hotspring where we watched geysers shoot up. Then it was back to the bus for us. On our bumpy ride, especially for Hilary and I because we sat in the very back, we saw many horses and sheep. The horses were short and stocky and the sheep look like a cross between a goat and a lamb. On our way back to Reykjavik we passed by Skálholt, the first Christian church in Iceland, and stopped to see the crater Kerid. After a long, yet eventful tour we made it back to our hotel. Tuesday morning we left for the airport at 5:30 to travel back to Denmark.
Where the 2 plates of US and Iceland meet
Gullfoss Falls
Geysir Hot Springs

Thursday, July 5, 2012

First Zone conferences

On Tuesday we traveled to Århus, located on the pennisula of Jylland, for a zone conference. We had the opportunity to meet 22 Elders, 4 Sisters and 3 couples. It was fun to meet with them and see their enthusiasm about missionary work. On Wednesday Shawn held a zone leader conference at our home, at which 6 Elders, 2 Sisters and a couple attended. It was nice having them in our home and even nicer to have a full table again; even if it was only for one lunch.
Hilary, Heather and I were able to experience yet another grocery shopping adventure all too soon (this no Walmart predicament is killing me). We started out on top because successfully followed the GPS to a grocery store. Unfortunately this success was short lived. When we got to the store we had to park in underground parking, and as we entered we had to take a ticket which then raised a bar for us to enter. We felt pretty ingenious figuring that much out, but the only problem was now that we had this ticket we weren't sure what to do with it and we had a rather large parking garage, which later we found out was also for a mall, that we didn't know where to park in. There were potentially helpful signs hanging up, they just all happened to be in Danish. We finally just parked the car and went upstairs to the store. While in the store Hilary asked one of the workers about the ticket and with his limited English vocabulary and Hilary's newly developed skill of foreshadowing, we learned we needed to pay for the parking as we leave and we could use a credit card machine. This was very fortunate news for me because I have not exchanged my US dollars for Danish Kronners. It would probably be a good idea for me to do that soon, I might be in trouble next time.
On Thursday we attended another Zone conference; this one in Copenhagen, located on the island of Sjælland. We met with 18 Elders, 4 Sisters and 4 couples. Hilary, Jarom and Heather attended both zone conferences with us and have really enjoyed meeting all the missionaries. I think they might even have some favorites. After the first half of the conference today, Jarom, Hilary and Heather had the opportunity to go see the Copenhagen temple and to go inside Vor Frue Kirke, which is the church that has the original Cristus and 12 apostles statues.
Zone Conference on Jylland

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

1st few days in Denmark

We arrived in Denmark safely after a really long airplane ride. We walked off the plane with swollen feet and ready to sleep on anything horizontal and not moving. President Anderson and his wife picked us up, along with the mission presidents assistants, Elder Bailey and Elder Pierson. We stopped by the mission office on our way to the mission home and met Elder and Sister Nielson. This senior couple is serving in Denmark for the second time. They spoke English with us and with us already feeling overwhelmed from all the Danish, it was a breathe of fresh air. The mission office is where we were able to experience our first Danish pastries. They were, as Jarom would say, a flaky sensation that urges you to continue eating with every bite, and sometimes surprising you with a creamy taste of Heaven in the center. After visiting the office we were off to the mission home. We arrived at the mission home and met the Anderson's family. We took a tour of the home we will live in for the next 3 years. Sister Anderson had fixed a little snack for us and that is where we experienced having chocolate on our sandwich for the first time. I think we will all learn to love this. Then Sister Anderson offered to take me to the grocery store. I walked in with her and immediately remembered this was not Arkansas anymore and clicking my heals wasn't a realistic option. Culture shock overwhelmed every one of my senses; I saw and heard many foreign words, smelled foods I didn't know existed, foresaw myself tasting exotic foods, and touched . . . Ok, well I guess not every one of my senses were shocked. I couldn't find anything I was use to buying in the states which has made cooking a whole new adventure within itself. The other day I bought gravy thickening thinking it was gravy, because that's what the picture made me believe it was. My kids weren't adventurous enough to try just thickening on their mashed potatoes and I don't blame them. The grocery store we went to was comparable to Aldi's, but I have since learned that there are others stores with a wider selection. I look forward to shopping these soon. After returning from the store, the Anderson's left us and we were on our own.
On Sunday we attended our new ward. Everyone was really friendly to us, and made us feel very welcome. Most everyone greeted us in English which was nice and those who didn't quickly switched to English when they saw the loving yet very confused look on our face. Once the meeting started everything was in Danish. Except for Shawn, we all wore headsets throughout all of sacrament with Elder Bailey as our translator. For Sunday school and Relief Society, Hilary and I had translators. Jarom and Heather's Sunday school, YM and YW were in English so that was nice. I think they did that for them, it will not be like that all the time. But if Jarom's wish comes true he will have become fluent yesterday so it won't matter.
On Monday we took Shawn to the mission office where we dropped him off and then went shopping to find a few things that we needed for the house, plus more groceries. And what an adventure that was. Who knew that following a GPS could be so hard?! We got lost multiple times even using that. We went into IKEA thinking it would be nice to be in a store that we have back home, but it was the same as any other store we went into; everyone speaking Danish and all the signs in Danish. We all quickly decided we better take a crash course in learning Danish.
Elder Bailey and Elder Pierson gave Shawn a ride home from the mission office feeling very overwhelmed after his first day there.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Conclusion of Mission President Seminar

Yesterday we attended the MTC devotional with all the missionaries here, L Tom Perry was the speaker. Jacob and his companion were able to sit with us during the devotional, it was nice to spend some time with him.
What a wonderful seminar we have just finished. Today was so spiritual and a very powerful day. This morning we had the opportunity to listen to President Boyd K Packer. Very seldom have I witnessed President Packer get emotional, yet today he did. Among other things, he taught us to "Never go against the witness of the Spirit and to not be afraid to promise as a servant of the Lord what the Lord inspires and reveals to you. He talked about Revelation and the Gift of the Holy Ghost, he did a wonderful job. After lunch we got to hear from Elder Dallin H Oaks, he spoke about the Keys of the Priesthood. We also heard from Elder M Russell Ballard, who is the great great grandson of Hyrum Smith, speak about Joseph Smith and Hyrum. Today is the day 168 years ago that they were martyred. What a wonderful job he did. He was very emotional and tender as he spoke of his great, great grandfather and uncle. He taught how they were great missionary companions. How we can learn from and teach our missionaries to love, support and protect each other as they proclaim the gospel to al the world. We also heard the testimonies of Elder Nelson, Elder Bednar, Elder Scott and Elder Anderson. We are on a spiritual high right now, hoping to remember most of the things we have been taught in the last 4 days. During these 4 days, we have met all 110 new mission presidents and their wives. We have sung, prayed, laughed and cried much with each of them. We have become friends, brothers and sisters in the cause of truth with them. We have been in the presence of prophets, seers and revelators teach and testify of God, the Eternal Father and of His love for us. They have taught us of the doctrine of Christ and of His living reality. They have testified through the Holy Ghost eternal truths that are deeply rooted in our souls. They have facilitated the opportunity for us to feel and see the finger of the Lord touch our very being and enlighten us with His will and the will of the Father.
What joy feels our hearts as we prepare to serve His children in the Denmark, Copenhagen mission. We can't wait to get started!!
With our neighboring German Mission President and wife
Jacob and his MTC companion
In the MTC together

Sunday, June 24, 2012

1st days in MTC

Shawn and I are at the MTC. We arrived yesterday afternoon for check-in. We have had a wonderful day today. We attended a sacrament meeting this morning, President Thomas S Monson was the speaker. 13 of the 15 prophet, seers, and revelators were in attendance. After sacrament meeting a few apostles stayed and we had the opportunity to see and visit with them. L. Tom Perry told me to hang on to Shawn so I guess I will listen and heed to his words. Sister Holland came up and gave me a hug. Everyone is so personable. Jacob helped prepare the sacrament so we got the opportunity to visit with him after the meeting for a few minutes. He is enjoying it here but is ready to go to Tacoma. He is scheduled to fly out from Salt Lake on the 3rd of July. There is such a wonderful spirit here in the MTC. At dinner this evening Sister Bednar motioned for us to come sit with her and Elder Bednar so we had the opportunity to visit with them. What a sweet couple they are. We kind of feel like someone has turned on a fire hose full of wonderful information. It is filling our souls and our cup is running over literally. We are spiritually filled and emotionally drained. We should sleep well tonight.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Being set apart

Today we were in Salt Lake at the church office building to be set apart. It was a real neat experience, the spirit was very strong and very peaceful. Elder Bednar set Shawn apart with Elder Rasband assisting and then Elder Rasband set me apart with Shawn and Elder Bednar assisting. Hilary was able to be with us. What a wonderful day. Tomorrow we will go into the MTC for the mission president seminar and then off to Denmark on Friday.
Elder Bednar, Shawn, Heidi, Hilary and Elder Rasband

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our nephew, Dax Sederholm came home today from his mission in Guatemala. Attached is a picture of Shawn and his brother, Kevin who is Dax's father. It was interesting to
welcome him home and to have him
and his family say goodbye to us at the same time in a matter of minutes. Tears of joy and sadness were shed at the same time.
Tomorrow morning we will be set apart by Elder Bednar as representatives of
Christ in the Denmark Copenhagen mission. Words are inadequate to express the feelings and emotions we are experiencing tonight. As we offered our companionship prayer together we felt the love of the Savior give us strength and courage to go and do as
he will command us to do. We pledge our hearts and souls to Him and to those we will serve as we embark on our mission.

Shawn with Kevin his brother

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Elder Sederholm's setting apart

Our little vacuuming boy is now a missionary! We just got back from the stake center with tear stained clothes and a boy who is now on his way to becoming a man. This is an experience in which Shawn, myself, Hilary, Elder Sederholm, and Jarom will never forget. The spirit was strong and made this goodbye a little easier. Elder Sederholm leaves tomorrow morning on a 6 am flight to head to Salt Lake and enter the MTC for 3 weeks and then it is off to Tacoma, Washington.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Suit Pants and Packing

I am glad I still had a sewing machine at the house.  My good one had been packed and was being sent to Denmark.  The old one was dusted off because I had some altering of suit pants to do.  Jacob ordered pants, had them altered and when they arrived they were all too small.  So, we are not blaming it on our son's growth because he has not changed much since we took those 20 or so measurements.  So, I sit here ripping out seams and hoping they all fit our new missionary son.  I just added it to my long to-do-list.  So, I rip, I stitch and smile at the adventure, because it truly is an adventure.

Learning Each Day

Each day brings something new.  Challenges, successes, opportunities.  Today marked the beginning of our blog record of our mission.  The hope is that we can keep in touch with our friends, families, ward and stake families without taking a huge chunk of our time that needs to be devoted to serving our mission.  So, here is the beginning!  Welcome to our journey!

This is a picture we took that was published in the church news.