Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Week of July 30

On Monday we had a dinner for Elder and Sister Jensen at the mission home. It could have been seen as their last super here on the mission; just to give you a visual. We had 3 other senior couples there to help us honor them before they left to head home. It was a wonderful evening, we enjoyed getting to know all the couples better.
On Tuesday afternoon, we went to the senior couples apartments so Shawn could interview them and check to make sure their pond side apartments are up to par. Each couple made a part of dinner for us so when we combined all the offerings we were able to partake of quite a wonderful feast.
On Wednesday we traveled to Børnholm, an island south of Sweden. This is the island where our ancestors joined the church before moving to America. Brother Franz Bøving took us around the island showing us where our ancestors' family farm was located. He showed us the well that our ancestors hid the missionaries in when the mob was trying to kill them. It was such a cool experience to not only hear of these stories, but actually see where all this happened. We traveled back home on Thursday.
On Friday one of our missionaries had to return to his home for medical reasons. It is hard to send a missionary home before completing his mission. We hope that he is able to get the medical attention he needs so that he can return and complete his mission. After a trip to the airport we had a zone leader council at the mission home. It is always nice to have missionaries in our home; for their company and because when they are here we just have that many more repair men to fix anything that needs fixing. This trip they fixed the basketball hoop that had fallen face down and bent the hoop.
On Saturday we went as a family to Tivoli gardens, an amusement park here in Copenhagen. This theme park is where Walt Disney got his ideas to make his theme parks. It was a beautiful day for activities and perfect for family fun. When we first walked into the park there was something off about it, but we could not quite put our finger on it. The kids road on one ride on which they participated in their ritual of screaming like havoc routine and light was quickly shed on our curiosity from before. What made this park so different from what we were used to was that no one screamed. As soon as the ride was over, Shawn and I quickly walked away before our kids could claim us as their parents. Later we told them it was because we wanted to see more of the park, but that was only part of our reason. After being spun in circles enough times to confuse their simple directions as up and down, and flipped upside down so much that heather began to resemble Pippy Longstockings, the kids decided they had had enough so we returned home.
On Sunday we had a fireside at the mission home for investigators, new members, less actives and missionaries. We had a wonderful evening with around 35 in attendance.
Wow! What a wonderful week; quite busy, but great none the less. After all those meals made, cookies baked, and juices concocted I decided it was time for a vacation. . . Hm maybe in three years ;) I'm just kidding we love being here with these wonderful missionaries and being able to serve the amazing countries of Denmark and Iceland.
Standing in front of well where the missionaries hid from mob
A day at Tivoli!