Sunday, August 12, 2012

Week of Aug. 5th

This week was full of new opportunities, new experiences and new . . . . Royal titles? That's right, this week Shawn and I were dubbed a King and Queen; or else we would have been if we were living in the time before the world wars. Either that or we would have been servants and I prefer to look at the glass half full. On Friday and Saturday we were in Frankfurt, Germany for a new mission presidents training. We stayed in a beautiful hotel that at one time was a palace for the royal family. They spoiled us with all the food and accommodations; so even if we really weren't dubbed as King and Queen we sure were pampered as if we were. It was fun to see some of the mission presidents and their wives that we got to know in the MTC. It was sure nice having Hilary here so Jarom and Heather were able to stay at home with her. Returning home was a little bit scary because teenagers home alone never results in anything good, but we were pleasantly surprised to return home to nothing broken.
On Tuesday Shawn and I traveled to Århus for a zone training meeting and to another one on Thursday in Copenhagen. It was good to see all the missionaries again and see how excited they are to see each other.
On Friday we took Jarom and Heather to an open house at their new school. Well, new might be too strong of a word, more like used school. It is a school you would find in a used school lot rather than at a dealership where only new schools are sold. You can tell the building used to be an old office building. But once you get on the inside it is actually quite nice. At this new student orientation that they attended they both were able to meet some students and take a tour of the school.
On Sunday we attended Stake Conference in Herning for the Århus stake. Elder Craig Wright an area seventy from England was there, and he did an excellent job speaking. Shawn and I were asked to speak also. With an interpreter my talks only need to be half as long as normal talks but I still am not very fond of speaking. I did bear my testimony in Danish for the first time and I hope someone was able to understand me. Shawn did his in Danish and did wonderful as usual. After conference, Shawn was able to reacquaint himself with many members of the church from thirty years ago. It was a delight for him to see them again. Many of the children are now grown with their own families and serving in bishoprics and leadership positions. What a blessing it was to be among the valiant saints in Denmark. They are firm in their faith and love the Lord. How blessed we are to have the good news of the gospel in our lives and share that wonderful message with all who will receive it. We miss and love you all, yet know in our hearts that we have been called of God at this time to do His work. Yes we are inadequate for the task, but in the strength of the Lord all things are possible, even for us.
Thanks for your love and support and especially thank you for your prayers.
The are needed and greatly appreciated.