Sunday, August 26, 2012

August 13-27

These last 2 weeks have been really busy. Hilary left for BYU on Monday the 13th. She helped out so much and it was great having her here for the first month. We are sure going to miss her. Now I have a confession about the blog. Yes, I am the one who has been writing about the experiences we are having here but once I had finished I would hand it off to Hilary and she would make it just a bit more lively. So now the true test comes to see if I can make my writing interesting. I may have to call on Jarom and Heather to help.
Jarom and Heather started school on Wednesday the 15th. Getting them to school was a new experience. We live about a 20 minutes by car from their school without a lot of traffic. We left for school 45 minutes before it started, we hit rush hour traffic on the out skirts of Copenhagen and then within the city there were, as Jarom calls it, flocks and flocks of bikes. We finally arrived at their school 5 minutes before it started and could not make a right turn into their school because of so many people riding bikes. After sitting through the light changing from green to red 3 times, Jarom and Heather finally decided they better jump out of the car and make a mad dash to school. It is different driving here, you cannot make right turns on a red light and bikes have the right of way. We decided after a few days of driving to school that the train was a better form of transportation. It gets them there faster and we don't have to worry about hitting a biker.
On Sunday the 19th, we left the house at 7:30am to attend church in Odense. Shawn and I were asked to speak in both wards they have there and Jarom and Heather spoke in 1 of the meetings. I think the Danish members are going to get tired of hearing from me and the kids and just ask Shawn to speak. At least that is what we are hoping for. After the second meeting we hurried back to Copenhagen for a fireside where we listened to Elder Groberg speak. Such a busy Sunday! Shawn and I retuned around 9:30pm ready to go to sleep.
On Tuesday, the 22nd, we had our first group of missionaries arrive from the MTC; Elders Nordfelt, Lindstrom, Strong and Vandenberghe. After a very long flight they were really tired but excited to be in Denmark. The Assistants, Elder Bailey and Elder Pierson, took them out to do some street contacting and sightseeing. Church of My Lady and Frederiksborg Castle were two of the places they got to see. After that they came back to the mission home where I fixed them dinner and we had a testimony meeting and then they were more than ready for bed.
On Wednesday the new elders met their new companions and were off to their new areas. Three Elders, Elder Feil, Elder McCleary and Elder KLC, completed their missions, had their departing interviews and departed for the mission home for dinner and testimony meeting. We enjoyed having new Elders and Elders returning home in our home on two different nights. What a special spirit they bring.
On Thursday, we took two of the departing Elders to the airport to return back to their homes. Elder McCleary's parents came to pick him up at the mission office. I even shed a few tears to see parents and son reunite, it brought back lots of memories.
On Friday Shawn left for Iceland for his monthly visit. He hardly had time to breath, he went from the airport to interviews to zone conference to more interviews to church to fireside back to airport. Wow! What a weekend. He had a wonderful time but was spiritually and physically drained. This next week looks to be not so busy but only time will tell.
Hilary on her way back to BYU.
4 new Elders
3 Elders on their way home.
The new Elders and their companions in front of the Temple.