Wednesday, June 12, 2013

May 2013

Wow! May is over already, the months are just flying by. So here we go on our adventure in May. On the 1st Shawn traveled to Iceland with the 2 missionaries that had just arrived and got then settled with their new companions. He returned back to Denmark on Saturday.
On Thursday the 9th we had a departure dinner for Elder Stoffey and on the 10th we took him to the airport and he returned back to his home. 
On Sunday the 12th we picked up Elder and Sister Steven E. Snow and Elder and Sister F. Kent Richards from the airport and took them to their hotel. They toured the mission attending 3 different zone mission conferences. The first one was in Aahus for the Jylland Zone, the second one in Copenhagen for the Shælland Zone and then they traveled to Iceland for the Iceland zone. All three of them were fantastic. They complimented the mission on what a good spirit all the missionaries had and how much they enjoyed their time here. We had the opportunity to have both couple come to the mission home for a dinner and had a wonderful visit. Elder Snow was not feeling very good the next day, it must have been my cooking.
Shawn traveled to Iceland once more on the 17th to be with the Snows and Richards for the conference there. He traveled back to Denmark on the 20th. 
Jarom went on a biology field trip on the 13th-15th. He went to different bodies of water and got samples and then did tests on water. I'm still trying to figure out why it took 3 days.
On the 16th Heather traveled to Bonn, Germany with her soccer team from school to play in a NECIS soccer tournament. They played 4 games and took 3rd. Heather scored 3 out of the 7 goals that was scored by her team. I would say that is pretty impressive. She definently did not get her skills from her mother. She returned home on the 18th.
On the 21st we received 29 new missionaries. Oh wait, that is not right let me correct myself. We should have received 29 new missionaries but only 2 of them got their visas so the rest them have been temporarily reassigned to different areas until their visas are approved. We will have patience! 
On the 22nd we had a departure dinner for Elder Earl. We sent him on his way the next day. 
Heather attended a NECIS track meet here in Copenhagen on the 24th and 25th. She competed in 5 events. One of them, the triple jump, she had never done in her life. What an adventure! 
Shawn and I attended a district meeting on the 28th. We went to companionship study with a couple of sisters on the 29th. It's nice being able to be with the missionaries in small groups so we have the opportunity to get to know them better. 
Elder (Kyle) Pierson came back to tour the mission with his family. We had dinner and visited with them on the 30th. It was great to see his again and meet his wonderful family. 
We had our mission leadership council on the 31st in the morning and then, Hurray! Four sisters visa we're approved, we were off to the airport to pick some long awaited missionaries. We are so excited to have them here and to know that there are lots more to follow.
Jacob is doing great in Washington. His mission is getting ready to lose 2 zones to the Federal Way Mission the 1st of July but he will not be effected. He is serving as a zone/district leader right now and loves his mission.

Departure of Elder Stoffey
Mission Conference in Jylland

Mission Conference in Shælland

Elder and Sister Richards & Elder and Sister Snow
Mission Conference in Iceland

Jarom on his Biology field trip
Arrival of Elder Child & Sister Lantos-Swett

Departure of Elder Earl

Heather at track meet
District Meeting
Kyle Pierson's Family
Heather, Kyle Pierson& Jarom
Mission Leadership Council

Elder Fisher & Elder Sederholm