Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Conclusion of Mission President Seminar

Yesterday we attended the MTC devotional with all the missionaries here, L Tom Perry was the speaker. Jacob and his companion were able to sit with us during the devotional, it was nice to spend some time with him.
What a wonderful seminar we have just finished. Today was so spiritual and a very powerful day. This morning we had the opportunity to listen to President Boyd K Packer. Very seldom have I witnessed President Packer get emotional, yet today he did. Among other things, he taught us to "Never go against the witness of the Spirit and to not be afraid to promise as a servant of the Lord what the Lord inspires and reveals to you. He talked about Revelation and the Gift of the Holy Ghost, he did a wonderful job. After lunch we got to hear from Elder Dallin H Oaks, he spoke about the Keys of the Priesthood. We also heard from Elder M Russell Ballard, who is the great great grandson of Hyrum Smith, speak about Joseph Smith and Hyrum. Today is the day 168 years ago that they were martyred. What a wonderful job he did. He was very emotional and tender as he spoke of his great, great grandfather and uncle. He taught how they were great missionary companions. How we can learn from and teach our missionaries to love, support and protect each other as they proclaim the gospel to al the world. We also heard the testimonies of Elder Nelson, Elder Bednar, Elder Scott and Elder Anderson. We are on a spiritual high right now, hoping to remember most of the things we have been taught in the last 4 days. During these 4 days, we have met all 110 new mission presidents and their wives. We have sung, prayed, laughed and cried much with each of them. We have become friends, brothers and sisters in the cause of truth with them. We have been in the presence of prophets, seers and revelators teach and testify of God, the Eternal Father and of His love for us. They have taught us of the doctrine of Christ and of His living reality. They have testified through the Holy Ghost eternal truths that are deeply rooted in our souls. They have facilitated the opportunity for us to feel and see the finger of the Lord touch our very being and enlighten us with His will and the will of the Father.
What joy feels our hearts as we prepare to serve His children in the Denmark, Copenhagen mission. We can't wait to get started!!
With our neighboring German Mission President and wife
Jacob and his MTC companion
In the MTC together

Sunday, June 24, 2012

1st days in MTC

Shawn and I are at the MTC. We arrived yesterday afternoon for check-in. We have had a wonderful day today. We attended a sacrament meeting this morning, President Thomas S Monson was the speaker. 13 of the 15 prophet, seers, and revelators were in attendance. After sacrament meeting a few apostles stayed and we had the opportunity to see and visit with them. L. Tom Perry told me to hang on to Shawn so I guess I will listen and heed to his words. Sister Holland came up and gave me a hug. Everyone is so personable. Jacob helped prepare the sacrament so we got the opportunity to visit with him after the meeting for a few minutes. He is enjoying it here but is ready to go to Tacoma. He is scheduled to fly out from Salt Lake on the 3rd of July. There is such a wonderful spirit here in the MTC. At dinner this evening Sister Bednar motioned for us to come sit with her and Elder Bednar so we had the opportunity to visit with them. What a sweet couple they are. We kind of feel like someone has turned on a fire hose full of wonderful information. It is filling our souls and our cup is running over literally. We are spiritually filled and emotionally drained. We should sleep well tonight.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Being set apart

Today we were in Salt Lake at the church office building to be set apart. It was a real neat experience, the spirit was very strong and very peaceful. Elder Bednar set Shawn apart with Elder Rasband assisting and then Elder Rasband set me apart with Shawn and Elder Bednar assisting. Hilary was able to be with us. What a wonderful day. Tomorrow we will go into the MTC for the mission president seminar and then off to Denmark on Friday.
Elder Bednar, Shawn, Heidi, Hilary and Elder Rasband

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our nephew, Dax Sederholm came home today from his mission in Guatemala. Attached is a picture of Shawn and his brother, Kevin who is Dax's father. It was interesting to
welcome him home and to have him
and his family say goodbye to us at the same time in a matter of minutes. Tears of joy and sadness were shed at the same time.
Tomorrow morning we will be set apart by Elder Bednar as representatives of
Christ in the Denmark Copenhagen mission. Words are inadequate to express the feelings and emotions we are experiencing tonight. As we offered our companionship prayer together we felt the love of the Savior give us strength and courage to go and do as
he will command us to do. We pledge our hearts and souls to Him and to those we will serve as we embark on our mission.

Shawn with Kevin his brother

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Elder Sederholm's setting apart

Our little vacuuming boy is now a missionary! We just got back from the stake center with tear stained clothes and a boy who is now on his way to becoming a man. This is an experience in which Shawn, myself, Hilary, Elder Sederholm, and Jarom will never forget. The spirit was strong and made this goodbye a little easier. Elder Sederholm leaves tomorrow morning on a 6 am flight to head to Salt Lake and enter the MTC for 3 weeks and then it is off to Tacoma, Washington.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Suit Pants and Packing

I am glad I still had a sewing machine at the house.  My good one had been packed and was being sent to Denmark.  The old one was dusted off because I had some altering of suit pants to do.  Jacob ordered pants, had them altered and when they arrived they were all too small.  So, we are not blaming it on our son's growth because he has not changed much since we took those 20 or so measurements.  So, I sit here ripping out seams and hoping they all fit our new missionary son.  I just added it to my long to-do-list.  So, I rip, I stitch and smile at the adventure, because it truly is an adventure.

Learning Each Day

Each day brings something new.  Challenges, successes, opportunities.  Today marked the beginning of our blog record of our mission.  The hope is that we can keep in touch with our friends, families, ward and stake families without taking a huge chunk of our time that needs to be devoted to serving our mission.  So, here is the beginning!  Welcome to our journey!

This is a picture we took that was published in the church news.