Wednesday, January 9, 2013

December 2012

Wow! What a busy month. We had a great month to finish out the year. We barely had time to breath but being busy is good. On the 4th-6th we attended a couples conference for all the senior couples. It was fun getting to know the couples better. We attended to temple, visited some sights and had dinner together. On the 7th Shawn traveled to Iceland where he attended the zone conference and had a dinner for Elder and Sister Merry, they have been serving in Iceland for 23 months, before they returned home. On the 11th we had a departure dinner for Sister Moore and then on the 18th Elder Gifford arrived. It seems like people are coming and going all the time.
We had lots of visitors to help us celebrate the Christmas season. Jared and Hilary arrived on the 16th, Dallas (Jared's fiancé) arrived on the 21st, Josh arrived on the 22nd and Jaela (Josh's girlfriend) arrived on the 24th. We had such a good time together celebrating the birth of our Savior. On Christmas Day we had the opportunity to talk to Elder Sederholm. He is doing awesome, he loves what he is doing and his smile could not have been bigger. It was great to have everyone together even if one was on Skype. What a great day we had.
We visited lots of sights while the kids were here. The day after Christmas we went to see the little mermaid statue (Den Lille Havfrue), the Marmokirken or Frederike Kirke, saw where the Queen lives with the guards, Vor Frue Kirke (the church were the original Christus is located) and then to Tivoli gardens (an amusement park were Walt Disney got the idea to start disney world). On the 27th we toured Kronberg castle and then on the 28th we visited Fredriksberg castle. On the evening of the 28th we all went to the temple and did baptisms. It was wonderful to be in the temple together. And then on the 31st we went on a canal tour. We had such a good time together, sometimes I wondered what people thought of our family cause sometime they can be a little strange. I wonder who they get that from.
On the 29th, Shawn and I traveled to Esberg to speak in church on Sunday. We received a call in the middle of the night informing us that Shawn's mother had passed away. Her health had really deteriorated lately so it wasn't a big shock but it is still hard to have a loved one pass away especially your mother. After we heard the news and had gone back to sleep. I had a dream of Shawn's mother running to his dad, them embracing and her saying "You didn't forget me" and his response being "No, I didn't forget you, I love you." We have been comforted so much and know she is right where she wanted to be, in her husbands arms. We were blessed to be able to listen to her funeral service via Skype.
On New Year's Eve we went into Copenhagen, the Shælland zone was having an activity at the senior couple apartments. We had a dinner together and then watch the fireworks over Copenhagen as the new year came in. The fireworks were amazing, they started at midnight and continue all night long. We stayed until about 45 after midnight and the fireworks were still going strong when we left. We could hear them going on all night and for a couple of nights after that.
Josh and Jaela flew back to Oklahoma on the 1st of January and then Hilary, Jared and Dallas flew back to Utah on the 4th. We made lots of memories while they were here but it was really hard to have them leave.

Christmas Eve
Den Lille Havfrue

Vor Frue Kirke


Kronberg Castle

Fredriksberg Castle

Canal Tour