Sunday, March 16, 2014

November, December 2013 & January, February 2014

All right, I have been a huge procrastinator. It has been over 4 months since I last wrote something on our blog. I'll hit on some of the highlights that have happened and then I'll try to be better to keep things updated.
Elder Holyoak had been wanting to fix our family dinner for a while and finally found a day that would work for all of us. He brought his companion Elder Walch with him and they fixed us a wonderful dinner. What a treat!
We welcomed 11 missionaries to the mission, Elders Pitcher, Zenger,Wright, Lawless, Gifford, Enniss, Clawson, Syverson, DeMordaunt, Horrocks and Sister Henderson . Oh how we love  to have missionaries join us here. Along with missionaries arriving to the mission we also had to say goodbye to some missionaries that have completed their mission. We sent Elders Simpson, Mortensen and Larsen off to return to their families after serving the Lord for 2 years.  They returned with honor.
For Thanksgiving we celebrated with the traditional Thanksgiving dinner for all the missionaries for each zone. The missionaries love playing in their traditional turkey bowl and then attend their zone training. Each zone was fed both physically and spiritually.
On Thanksgiving day we had a Thanksgiving dinner at the mission home with a few families from our ward that are either Americans or have lived in America at one time. Leisel and James McCormick brought their boss, that is not a member of the church, and he wanted to experience an American Thankgivings dinner. We enjoyed the company and the food.
Deaparting Elders, Mortensen, Larsen & Simpson 
11 new missionaries and their companions
Zone Activity
Zone talent show

3 of our red headed missionaries

We stared our December out by having our Mission leadership council. We hold it at the mission home and then after the meeting we have a lunch together. Its wonderful to see these young missionaries hold leadership position and have such a special spirit about them. 
On fast Sunday we held our monthly fireside at the mission home. It is always so wonderful to have new members, less active members and non-members along with missionaries meet with us every fast Sunday.
This month we were honored to hear from a choir of missionaries. They sounded wonderful!
We held our quarterly zone conference for each zone. What a spiritual feast they were! After attending an all day conference you get all fired up. We had a nice Danish Christmas dinner fixed for all the missionaries.
After a month in the field the new missionaries attended a specialized training. Its fun to see the MTC group back together and sharing experiences with one another.
A week before Christmas we had 9 Elders joined us; Elders Willardson, Howland, Hafen, Wilsher, Burton, Brindley, Christensen, Kinch and May. And 4 wonderful missionaries returned home; Elders Holyoak, Petersen, Swensen and Christensen. What a wonderful present for both us here, to get a group of wonderful missionaries, and for and families of the missionaries that returned home.
We had the wonderful opportunity to have a house full for Christmas. On the 17th Jens and Hilary flew in to Copenhagen to get their marriage license. I can't express how happy we were for them to come to Denmark to get married. Jens parents, Jene and Connie, his brother, Jared and sister, Judith came a few days early and celebrated Christmas with us. Josh and Jaela, Jared and Dallas flew in on the 26th for the big day. Jens and Hilary were sealed for time and all eternity in the Copenhagen Denmark Temple on Devember 28th. What a special day that was for all of us especially for Shawn to be able to witness his daughter getting married.
We celebrated New Years Eve as a family here at the mission home, there were fireworks everywhere we looked. We had a great time and enjoyed being together. We hated to see Josh, Jaela, Jared, Dallas, Hilary and Jens leaves us. 
Mission leadership council
Christmas fireside at the mission home
Sjælland zone conference
Jylland zone conference

Jylland zone activity
New Missionary special training

Arrival of 9 Elders and their companions
Departing Elders Holyoak, Petersen, Swensen, and Christensen
Jens & Hilary's wedding

We hated to see Josh, Jaela, Jared, Dallas, Hilary and Jens leaves us here in Denmark and return to the states on the 1st. The mission home was pretty quiet after everyone left.
In January for our leadership training we brought the Assistants, Zone leaders, Sister trainer leaders, and the District leaders all together for the meeting and then afterwards we all attended the temple. What a wonderful day! It was great to see the temple full of missionaries.
Mission leadership council
Sjælland zone training

In February we sent 2 great missionaries, Elder Hammond and Elder Berry, back to their home and families. They will be missed!
For leadership training this month we had all the leadership come to the mission home on Thursday night and spend the night at the mission home. It was wonderful to have a house full of missionaries.
Shawn and I attended a couple of the zone training and a couple of district meetings. It is nice to be with the missionaries to feel of their spirit and see the growth as they teach one another.

Departing Elders Hammond & Berry
Mission leadership council
West Sjælland zone training

Århus zone training
North Sjælland zone training