Thursday, May 2, 2013

April 2013

Another month has gone by and we are as busy as ever. It seems like we never have a dull moment. On the 4th we had our last Zone Leader council, instead we now hold a Mission Leadership Council, this meeting will now include sister missionaries. We enjoy having this meeting at the mission home.
We had a new trainer meeting on the 5th in preparation for the coming missionaries. The trainers are ready to train now all we need are the missionaries.
On the 6th and 7th we were rejuvenated as we watched General Conference with the missionaries here on Sjælland. We enjoyed eating dinner with them on Sunday in between sessions. What a joy to be among such sweet spirits.
All the Sister missionaries stayed the night in the mission home after general conference for a meeting the next day. We loved having lots of laughter for the evening.
We were suppose to receive some missionaries on the 9th but because their visa paper work did not coming they are temporally assigned to the Nashville, Tennessee mission. We are hoping and praying their visas come through soon so they can join us here. We are all counting the days.
On the 10th, we had a departure dinner for 3 missionaries, Elder Jones, Elder Jespersen and Elder Schofield. They were all fantastic missionaries and will all be missed.
The Europe area presidency held a mini EFY for the mission presidents kids serving in Europe on the 12th-14th. I had the opportunity to attend with Heather, it was a wonderful weekend. There were 12 youth that did not know each other at first but by the end of the first day they were all good friends. The weekend was full of bonding and spiritual fun.
Jarom was not able to attend the EFY, he was in Norway at a swim tournament with other International schools. He had lots of fun and brought home 1 gold and 3 silver medals for swimming. Way to go Jarom! We are very proud of him. We are sad that swimming and the mini EFY had to be on the same weekend.
It's always nice to hear how missionaries are doing after they return home. Hilary had the opportunity to attend (Elder) Garrett Jones and (Elder) Jens Jespersen's homecoming meetings and also saw (Elder) Brian Bailey and (Elder) Kyle Pierson. How nice to see their smiling faces.
We held our first Mission Leadership council on the 26th, it was nice to have the sisters involved. For lunch we decided to just order pizza since I am invited to the meeting too but didn't realize that it was a Danish holiday. When I went to order the pizza right before lunch we found out they were closed and so were all the stores. So needless to say after a few very stressful moments I threw together a meal that really didn't have a theme but the missionaries were happy with what they got.
Heather went to Skagen, a town in northern Jylland, for an activity week with her school on the 29th. She is staying in a little guest house with 5 other girls, they are in charge of buying their food and fixing their meals. They are seeing many sights and it sounds like they are having a ball.
On the 30th we received 2 missionaries, that will be serving in Iceland, Elder Lyman and Elder Knudsen. We had an arrival dinner for them and they enjoyed some sightseeing here in Denmark before they left for Iceland the next day.
What an exciting time to be here in this mission. We can see the hasting of the work here and are happy to be part of it. Miracles are happening all around us.

New Trainer Meeting

Dinner on General Conference Sunday

Dinner on General Conference Sunday

Our Sister Missionaries

Departure Dinner for Elder Jespersen, Elder Schofield & Elder Jones

Heather at Mini EFY in Geramny

Jarom in Norway at swimming tournament

(Elder) Garrett Jones, (Elder) Kyle Pierson, (Elder) Jens Jespersen, Hilary & (Elder) Brian Bailey

Arrival of Elder Lyman & Elder Knudsen