Thursday, October 17, 2013

September 2013

September has come and gone, the weather is starting to become colder. Where did the summer go?
On September 3-5 the 3 zones In Denmark held their trainings  It's always nice to attend these meetings and a feel of the spirit that is there. 
On the 4th, President Sederholm set apart a missionary from Iceland, Elder Gudnason, that is on his way to England to the MTC for 2 weeks and will return to Denmark to serve his mission with us. President also had the opportunity that day to release a missionary that is returning from his mission in Poland. He is from Iceland and the 2 Elders just happened to be cousins. They were able to see each other before going their separate ways. 
President and I attended a mission presidents seminar in Versailles, France, on the 10-13. We had the opportunity to hear from Elder Dallin H. Oaks and Elder M. Russell Ballard, Elder Richard J. Maynes and all three members of our Area Presidency. What a wonderful few days we had there. Our meetings were held in the hotel room where the treaty of Versailles was drafted. The hotel is right next to the palace, which was beautiful and we were able to take a tour of it and go the the hall of mirrors where the treat was signed ending the First World War.  We also were able to see the Eiffel Tower. I guess you could say by the time those few days were over our tanks were over flowing.
Zone conferences were held in Denmark on the 17th-19th. In Denmark. The missionaries always enjoy seeing one another at meetings where we can all learn together.
We were expecting 18 missionaries to arrive on the 24th, we received 4. Yes, we are still waiting on visas. I'm sure the missionaries are as disappointed as we are. The 4 that came were; Elder Guthnason, Elder MacBeth, Elder Hooper and Elder Zalewski. We are excited to have them here in the mission with us.
On the 27th President and the assistants, Elder Whitlock and Elder Elsbury, travel to Iceland for the zone conference there. 
When we left for our mission we knew there was a possibility that 3 of our children would get married. What we didn't expect is that they would all 3 get married within a year. Yes, we are going to have another wedding, Hilary got engaged to Jens Jespersen on the 28th. They have not picked a date yet more details will come later. We are all excited! I just love seeing our family grow:)
Jarom and Heather are doing well, they love school or should I say love being with their friends at school. Jarom is enjoying playing soccer even though is team does not have the best record, he is also swimming.
Elder Sederholm is doing very well. He just got transferred back to Tacoma where he will be serving as an assistant to the president. He loves his mission, he was very sad to leave Chehalis but happy to serve where ever he is needed.
What a wonderful September we had here in Denmark. We are looking forward to many more great months to come.

The Hall of Mirrors
Versailles Palace

Eiffel Tower

Our new missionaries and their companions
Jens and Hilary
Elder Sederholm and Elder Clifford