Sunday, June 24, 2012

1st days in MTC

Shawn and I are at the MTC. We arrived yesterday afternoon for check-in. We have had a wonderful day today. We attended a sacrament meeting this morning, President Thomas S Monson was the speaker. 13 of the 15 prophet, seers, and revelators were in attendance. After sacrament meeting a few apostles stayed and we had the opportunity to see and visit with them. L. Tom Perry told me to hang on to Shawn so I guess I will listen and heed to his words. Sister Holland came up and gave me a hug. Everyone is so personable. Jacob helped prepare the sacrament so we got the opportunity to visit with him after the meeting for a few minutes. He is enjoying it here but is ready to go to Tacoma. He is scheduled to fly out from Salt Lake on the 3rd of July. There is such a wonderful spirit here in the MTC. At dinner this evening Sister Bednar motioned for us to come sit with her and Elder Bednar so we had the opportunity to visit with them. What a sweet couple they are. We kind of feel like someone has turned on a fire hose full of wonderful information. It is filling our souls and our cup is running over literally. We are spiritually filled and emotionally drained. We should sleep well tonight.