Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our nephew, Dax Sederholm came home today from his mission in Guatemala. Attached is a picture of Shawn and his brother, Kevin who is Dax's father. It was interesting to
welcome him home and to have him
and his family say goodbye to us at the same time in a matter of minutes. Tears of joy and sadness were shed at the same time.
Tomorrow morning we will be set apart by Elder Bednar as representatives of
Christ in the Denmark Copenhagen mission. Words are inadequate to express the feelings and emotions we are experiencing tonight. As we offered our companionship prayer together we felt the love of the Savior give us strength and courage to go and do as
he will command us to do. We pledge our hearts and souls to Him and to those we will serve as we embark on our mission.

Shawn with Kevin his brother