Wednesday, November 7, 2012

October 23-November 6

Okay, where do I start. This last couple of weeks have been crazy busy. On the 23rd of October we received 11 new missionaries to the mission. We were very glad to get them here. We found out on the Thursday before they got here that their visas had finally been approved. It takes about 4 months after the missionaries have had their fingerprints done to receive their visas to come to Denmark. We were excited to see that all 11 would be here as scheduled. 3 of the Elders will be serving in Iceland for their whole mission. They arrived in Denmark about 9:30 a.m., were brought to the mission office for some paperwork and interviews and had their 1st opportunity to go contacting. That evening they came to the mission home for dinner and a good nights sleep. The next day they found out who their companions were and were off to their new areas except for the Iceland Elders who had to wait until Thursday to go to Iceland.
On Wednesday we had a dinner at the mission home for the 6 missionaries in Denmark that were on their way home, one senior couple, the Bowlers, 1 sister, Sister Johnson, and 3 Elders, Elders Bailey, Veach and Sandstrom.
On Thursday Shawn flew to Iceland with 3 new missionaries to replace the Elders going home. On Saturday he took the 3 missionaries that had completed their mission in Iceland to the airport to return home. He returned home on Monday the 29th about noon and then about 4:00pm, he was off to the airport to pick up a senior couple, the Hansen's, that had arrived. He brought them to the mission home where we had a dinner prepared for them.
On Tuesday Shawn and I flew to Madrid Spain to a mission presidents seminar for the Europe missions. There were 30 mission presidents and wives, the Area Presidency and wives in attendance. What a wonderful conference! We left Jarom and Heather at home to fend for themselves. In the mornings they would ride their bikes to the train station to get school. There was only one accident, Heather hit the curb with her bike causing her to tip over, scrap her leg up and have the chain of her bike come off. Jarom was kind enough to help her fix her chain so she could ride her bike home. It's nice to see that they are willing to take care of each other. After a couple of days of being alone, Elder Bailey, one of the elders that was on his way home, and his parents stayed a couple of nights at the mission home with them.
Friday night we returned from Spain and attended Stake conference on Saturday where Shawn spoke to the bishops in leadership meeting and Shawn and I both spoke in the Sunday session. And by the way I'm still not a fan of speaking in church.
On Monday we had parent teacher conferences where we talked to Jarom and Heather's teachers, it was great to hear that they are doing well in school. On Tuesday we had more parent teachers conferences and Shawn made another trip to the airport to pick up a senior couple, the Johansen's, that will be serving here in Denmark. That evening we had a dinner at the mission home for 4 of the senior couples to welcome the new comers. So in the last couple of weeks we have hardly had time to breath. Shawn has made about 9 trips to the airport, 23 beds have been changed and bedding washed, and 5 dinners for different groups have been fixed. Isn't there a saying that says something like "no rest for the wicked." Haha! We love being with the wonderful missionaries here in the Denmark Copenhagen mission. They are the best!
Mission Presidents standing in front of. Peter holding the keys
Europe Area Presidency, Mission Presidents and wives.
3 Iceland Elders completed their missions
6 Denmark Missionaries completed their missions.
11 new missionaries ready to serve.