Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Alright I have not done a very good job of keeping this blog updated. I'll catch up on what has happened since our last post.
Jarom traveled to Amsterdam, on the 7th, to play in the playoffs for his soccer team. His team did well, they took 4th place. I got a message from him on the 10th that said, "Hey mom, its Jarom. I'm fine but they had to call an ambulance to look at me cause they thought I might have a concussion. If you want you can call one of my coaches they said that would be fine." Of course I immediately picked up the phone and called his coach. I guess he was going for a ball and so was a kid from the other team. The ball was quite high, the other kid lifted his leg up high and kicked it right in Jarom's face. His nose started to bleed, the coach pulled him out and noticed that his eyes looked funny. The expression his coach used was, "his eyes were swimming." They called first aid who called the ambulance and they came to check him out. Everything ended up being alright, other then Jarom had a head ache for a couple of days. I guess he really does have a hard head, we thought so.
On November 9 Elder Olsen, from Sweden, traveled to here to attended the Zone Leader Council. It was nice to have him in our home for the meeting and lunch, we had a nice visit with him. At this Zone council half the people that attended were there for the first time. With missionaries going home and transfers, it changes things a bit.
On November 10, two couples arrived, Elder and Sister Ivie and Elder and Sister Garriott. We went to the airport to welcome them here and then had lunch with them. It's always nice to have more missionaries arrive.
On the 15th, Shawn and I traveled to Århus for a Jylland zone activity. The missionaries had a Turkey Bowl, talent show and a nice Thanksgiving Dinner. It was fun to see their different personality as they participated in the talent show. The next day we attended a Zone training in Århus also.
On the 17th we attended a baptism for Ann Jacobsen. She has been an investigator on and off for about 30 years. It was great to see her get baptized and see the great change in her life.
For Thanksgiving we were invited to Travis and Lindsey Sivey's. He works for the US embassy here in Copenhagen. There were 5 families that had dinner together. We had a nice time visiting and of course eating.
On the 23rd, the Sjælland Zone had their zone activity. They also had a turkey bowl, talent show and dinner. We are very thankful that there were no injuries at either turkey bowl only some very sore bodies the next day. The mission couples fixed the dinners for both zones and did a wonderful job. Some of the food that we are use to eating on Thanksgiving is a little hard to find here, they seemed to be able to find everything they needed. After eating 3 fabulous Thanksgiving dinners we are having to adjust our belts a little bit bigger and I can be thankful for elastic.
What a wonderful month we have had, we have a lot to be thankful for. We are now looking forward to the opportunity to celebrate the birth of our Savior; and to help us celebrate our children will be here. Yay!!!

Jylland Zone training
Ann Jakobsen's Baptism

Shælland Zone Turkey Bowl