Thursday, July 12, 2012

Iceland Trip

On Friday we traveled to Iceland to meet the missionaries and to have our third zone conference as a family. We arrived on Friday evening and had dinner with 1 of the senior couples, the Paulsens; what a super couple they are. After dinner we had the opportunity to meet 4 of the Elders and Shawn had missionary interviews with them. On Saturday we attended zone conference where we met 2 more Elders and another senior couple. What a special group of missionaries they are in Iceland.
On Sunday we attended church, at which our family was asked to be the sacrament meeting speakers. We eagerly, some of us more eager than others, accepted and all prepared talks that made Shawn and I proud. Due to the surprising fact that none of us speak Icelandic we had to have interpreters for each talk. After church the branch had a meet and mingle where we had the opportunity to meet and visit with the members. It is amazing how strong in the gospel such a small group of people can be.
On Monday we had our 1st preparation day. We went on a tour of Iceland called the golden circle. Our first stop was where the US and Iceland techtonic plates meet; we could see the prime minister of Iceland's house from there. An hour later our tour bus pulled up to the Golden Waterfall Gullfoss; it was beautiful. There were 2 waterfalls one right after the other. I guess you could say it is comparable to Niagara Falls. After seeing the waterfall we went to Geysir Hotspring where we watched geysers shoot up. Then it was back to the bus for us. On our bumpy ride, especially for Hilary and I because we sat in the very back, we saw many horses and sheep. The horses were short and stocky and the sheep look like a cross between a goat and a lamb. On our way back to Reykjavik we passed by Skálholt, the first Christian church in Iceland, and stopped to see the crater Kerid. After a long, yet eventful tour we made it back to our hotel. Tuesday morning we left for the airport at 5:30 to travel back to Denmark.
Where the 2 plates of US and Iceland meet
Gullfoss Falls
Geysir Hot Springs