Thursday, July 5, 2012

First Zone conferences

On Tuesday we traveled to Århus, located on the pennisula of Jylland, for a zone conference. We had the opportunity to meet 22 Elders, 4 Sisters and 3 couples. It was fun to meet with them and see their enthusiasm about missionary work. On Wednesday Shawn held a zone leader conference at our home, at which 6 Elders, 2 Sisters and a couple attended. It was nice having them in our home and even nicer to have a full table again; even if it was only for one lunch.
Hilary, Heather and I were able to experience yet another grocery shopping adventure all too soon (this no Walmart predicament is killing me). We started out on top because successfully followed the GPS to a grocery store. Unfortunately this success was short lived. When we got to the store we had to park in underground parking, and as we entered we had to take a ticket which then raised a bar for us to enter. We felt pretty ingenious figuring that much out, but the only problem was now that we had this ticket we weren't sure what to do with it and we had a rather large parking garage, which later we found out was also for a mall, that we didn't know where to park in. There were potentially helpful signs hanging up, they just all happened to be in Danish. We finally just parked the car and went upstairs to the store. While in the store Hilary asked one of the workers about the ticket and with his limited English vocabulary and Hilary's newly developed skill of foreshadowing, we learned we needed to pay for the parking as we leave and we could use a credit card machine. This was very fortunate news for me because I have not exchanged my US dollars for Danish Kronners. It would probably be a good idea for me to do that soon, I might be in trouble next time.
On Thursday we attended another Zone conference; this one in Copenhagen, located on the island of Sjælland. We met with 18 Elders, 4 Sisters and 4 couples. Hilary, Jarom and Heather attended both zone conferences with us and have really enjoyed meeting all the missionaries. I think they might even have some favorites. After the first half of the conference today, Jarom, Hilary and Heather had the opportunity to go see the Copenhagen temple and to go inside Vor Frue Kirke, which is the church that has the original Cristus and 12 apostles statues.
Zone Conference on Jylland